Special Yoga Class with Brian Pontolilo

Friday, March 16
6 - 7:30 pm
The Art of Breathing


Yogis have long known and modern science has now confirmed the many therapeutic and supportive benefits of breath work for our body, mind and spirit. From the restorative to the invigorating, breathing exercises calm the mind, reduce anxieties, improve focus, increase energy, boost the immune system, tone the core and release tension. Proper breathing brings stability, warmth and focus to our postures. In this special class we’ll learn to use our breath, and the muscles we use to breathe, more effectively in our yoga practice and in our daily life. Brian Pontolilo has been practicing yoga for over ten years and teaching for about half of that time. Breath work, or pranayama, has become an important part of his personal practice and he recently completed a pranayama teacher training.