Kristi Gunnarshaug
Manager - Instructor

Kristi Gunnarshaug is an E-RYT200 and has been teaching for almost 20 years. She first fell in love with yoga when she entered a gym yoga class many moons ago, thinking it would just be another form of exercise. She immediately felt the wholistic benefits of the practice, as it helped her become the facilitator of her own healing on and off the mat. The practice allowed her to feel at peace in her body and embrace her physical as well as emotional strength and knew it was something she wanted to share with others.  She currently manages Yoga Dimensions and is a head teacher there teaching 7 classes a week. She teaches creative, fun, strong flow classes with a sense of humor while holding the practice as sacred.



Twink McKenney is a 500-hr Para Yoga Teacher, Certified Yoga Nidra Teacher, Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist (Himalayan Institute), Certified Yoga Nidra instructor (Jennifer Reis) and Certified Hypnotist. She has been immersed in the study of yoga and astrology for over 30 years. Twink offers a gentle, strengthening yoga flow followed by deep relaxation. Her classes are inspired by current planetary patterns and cycles. She will guide you to discover, honor and gracefully reveal your true nature. Stay connected to life’s deeper meaning as you stretch and grow and begin to see new perspectives. Learn to trust yourself, trust your spirit and live life as 100% YOU!!

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Regina Lones

Regina is an Occupational Therapist working in rehab for over 25 years, specializing in geriatrics. She discovered yoga in 2000, trying various styles until she landed in a vinyasa class and found what she was looking for. Cultivating calmness while finding balance with breath and physical challenge is the perfect remedy for a restless mind and body. After practicing Hot Flow with Lynda here at YD for 10 years, she decided to pursue teaching. Completing her 200 hour certification in 2014 from Ohra Yoga in Mt Kisco, brings together her experiences with therapy and yoga. She takes inspiration from Matthew Sanford, paraplegic yogi, teacher, and speaker, who believes yoga can help everyone reconnect their mind and body, no matter how broken. Regina is excited to share her love of yoga, having fun while building strength and flexibility to grow old gracefully!


Jess Rockwell

Jess has been practicing yoga since 2011. When she found Power Yoga, she fell in love. Connecting with the body, breath and mind truly changed her life. She has found a deep compassion for herself and a strength that continues to grow and spill out in all areas of her life, not just on the mat. She now wants to share her love of yoga with all and has completed her 200hr certification. Jess aims to create a safe and fun space where she can help students connect with their bodies and thoughts, releasing what may not serve them and uncovering their inherent strength


Olena Polyokova

Olena dedicated herself to the practice, study and teaching of yoga since discovering its joys and benefits in 2007. She began with the Bikram yoga style and believes the mind, body, soul connection is a sacred one, and one that should be nurtured and inspired. She gradually moved to Vinyasa Yoga and has received her 200 Hour training from Yoga Shala, learning from master teachers- David Swenson and Tim Feldmann. Olena has been practicing the Mysore Style system of Ashtanga yoga created by the late Sri K Patthabhi Jois. In her late practice, she discovered Forrest yoga and received her advanced yoga teacher training from Ana Forrest. With that personal experience she teaches her classes from her heart creating an uplifting, safe environment for students to begin to explore and expand within their own body and consciousness. She is fascinated by the exploration of the internal world that yoga offers and her classes encourage students to connect deeply into the space of their bodies and breath.
She strongly believes through body motion we can explore the deeper realms of nature's creative energy. In this world of changes and transformations, our ability to connect deeply with ourselves will shape our sense of harmony with our surrounding. Olena's path has revealed to her a new level of being and a complete new approach to Yoga that she is now sharing with the world.


Deidre Amerco

Deidre began teaching Vinyasa yoga in 2009 in her free time as a way to balance the stress of her day job, working as an Art Director in the the deadline-driven world of advertising. It quickly became clear that not only was yoga her passion, but she could be of better service & benefit more people by teaching yoga, personal training, and Reiki sessions. Believing that yoga can be practiced by everyone, she works with a wide array of students, ranging from athletes, to people with limited physical mobility; from yogis that have been practicing for a lifetime, to people who have never tried yoga. Her style of classes range from vigorous power yoga, to all-level flow, to passive & gentle restorative. Her yoga teachings focus on the physical benefits of poses, the energy flow in the body by moving fluidly from one pose into the next, and the healing aspects of breathing techniques & meditation. Deidre completed her 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with YogaFit, as well as many workshops with teachers such as Seane Corn and Jillian Pransky; and now has over 4,000 hours teaching experience.


Amy Mann

Amy is a graduate of the 200 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher training from Yoga Dimensions in Newtown Connecticut. She also holds a First Class BSc (Hons) degree in midwifery and was a practicing midwife for a number of years in England. Also, a mother of four, she fell in love with yoga after moving from the UK to Connecticut in 2013. It gave her a deep sense of inner peace and some much-needed time and space to reconnect with herself. She believes that yoga facilitates the mind/body connection, leading to an awakening of the consciousness which brings inner peace and compassion for all beings, as well as improved physical and mental health. She is especially passionate about offering yoga to expecting and new mothers, as she knows firsthand, through her work and experience, the benefits it can provide for this population.


Missy was born and raised in Northern Illinois, then in 2011 made Newtown, CT her home. She was introduced to Yoga by a friend over 15 years ago and was immediately captivated by the journey to find and maintain a peaceful mind and body. Since coming to the mat, Yoga has helped her learn presence, patience, allowance, how to breathe, to listen to her body, self-love and much more.

Missy is a graduate of the 200-hour Yoga Alliance Teacher training from Yoga Dimensions where she was inspired by her teacher’s, Kristi Gunnershaug, & Twink McKenney, and their honest passion for the yogi life and their contagious joyful spirits. Upon graduation she decided she too would like to spread the joy of yoga to others.

Her passion is to share the powerful and positive effects of movement, breath, and meditation. She hopes for students to leave her classes feeling well-rounded, deeply connected to their bodies, and most of all – AWAKENED. Her style is vinyasa-based (linking breath with movement) and she strives to provide a physical workout that students of all levels can easily modify.

David Macharelli


David walked into a yoga classroom in 2003 as a tag along with little idea what to expect and was taken with the practice immediately. The eventual transformation in body & personality was startling. Through yoga, a man with little confidence who was utterly mortified by public speaking restored the long forgotten playful, inquisitive, extrovert that he’d been as a child. After developing a strong personal; practice, he was slowly coaxed (dragging kicking and screaming) into a teacher training in 2011 and been teaching ever since. ??A Yoga Alliance certified E-RYT200 with an artist’s open mind to trying new things and a love of constant tinkering with different sequences, his style is best described as a challenging yet playful, eclectic free-style Vinyasa, one that is rarely the same class twice. David is self-deprecating and silly in the service encouraging students to explore their anatomical quirks and learn which poses suit them best. He has a tendency to use rhyming and alliterative cues that draw on elements of many yoga schools, pop-culture references and a (hopefully) charming wit to help student move beyond their fears, to embrace what works and find strength with themselves. ??When not teaching or practicing yoga, David is an artist, actor, avid rock climber, museum worker and volunteer for arts organization and animal rescues. He lives in Waterbury with his wife Shannon and their two cats


Lisa Martland

The practice of yoga has been a light in Lisa's life for the past twelve years. It has been a place and space for her to find grounding and cultivate a deep connection between body, mind and spirit. Lisa graduated from Reflections Yoga Teacher Training Program in 2013 and has continued to study with Paula Tursi. Originally trained in a slow flow alignment based vinyasa practice, including Thai Healing Touch to better assist students. Upon returning home to a harsh winter, Lisa's practice and teaching began to merge her training with a more heated and dynamic flow. As a YA certified E-RYT200, Lisa has taught compassionate classes at gyms, schools, spas and studios. Lisa continues to study with Reflections in New York City completing training in Bare Bones Basics, Spiritual Development, Franklin Method and Thai Healing Touch. She also trained with Nikki Myers to become a leader for Y12SR. Th gentle energy Lisa possesses, accompanied by her strong practice, offers a unique balance between restoration and exhilaration.