Yoga Basics

Level - Beginner 

A class designed to introduce the beginner to the practice of yoga with a strong foundation for continued practice. Beginners are strongly encouraged to participate in this class before entering an ongoing class. 

Warm Slow Flow

Level - Open

 A slow paced Vinyasa class balancing the perfect amount of effort and ease. All level yogis will benefit from the pace and inward focus of this practice, with attention to breathing and stretching in a warm room - temps 85-90, like a warm summer day. Flow slowly to enable fascia to melt, muscles to relax, and tension to release. Promote flexibility and stimulate circulation, while cultivating mindfulness and awareness of breath and body

Align & Flow Vinyasa

Level - Mixed

 Vinyasa classes mindfully synchronize intention, breath and movement. Explore yoga poses, flowing from one to another with focus on alignment of body, mind and breath. This practice will highlight safe body mechanics to increase awareness of habitual movement patterns that often lead to imbalances, enhancing the connection between mind and body with the power of the breath. Designed with a variety of fun, creative sequences to build strength, flexibility, balance and grace. Good preparation for power level classes

Restore and Renew

Level - Open

Skip the sweaty and go straight to the sweet. This gentle, meditative class uses passive, restful postures supported by props (bolsters, blocks, blankets) to trigger the body’s relaxation response. This healing practice for body and mind helps to slow Heart Rate, aid digestion, lengthen fascia to gradually relieve tension, reducing pain and anxiety. Appropriate for all levels. Allow the body to soften, giving the mind an opportunity to quiet and calm from an overstimulated life. Leave feeling refreshed and more focused.

Happy Hour

Level - Open

This light-hearted class will be 30 minutes of warm vinyasa flow to move after your busy week followed by 30 minutes of relaxing stretches to welcome the weekend. Shed unwanted stress and leave feeling renewed, refocused, and happy!

Joy-Full Flow

Level - Open

This fun, creative class will be like a dance with the breath. With a little less focus on alignment and more focus on how the postures and transitions feel in the body. The flow will get your heart rate going, warming you from the inside out and follow with some yummy static stretches and a hearty relaxation at the end.

Slow Flow & Deep Relaxation

Level - Mixed

A delicious synthesis of movement, mindfulness, breath and energy work influenced by Twink’s 30-year immersion in yoga and astrology. A moderately strenuous class with a focus on inner listening, exploring lines of energy, learning to go with the flow of your life and ultimately feeling the joy of yoga — union with the Infinite. You will feel strong in mind and body as you move in a safe and sustainable way. A deep and healing savasana completes this mixed level practice.

TGIF Slow Flow

Level - Open

All of the benefits of Slow Flow yoga with a focus on current astrological weather. The word Hatha means Sun/Moon and the Sun, the Moon and the planets will be our guides as we connect to the potentials found in the patterns and archetypes in the sky ... as above, so below.

Power Flow

Level -  Advanced

A challenging, creative sequence of postures done in a flowing style connected by breath to enhance balance, strength and flexibility. An opportunity to build on basic skills.

Hot Flow

Level - Advanced

A creative sequence of postures done in a flowing style connected by breath and movement designed for maximum strength, flexibility and detoxification done in a heated room. Students must be familiar with basic yoga postures.

Any time drop in $18

Student/School Teacher $15

**  Student & Teacher Discount for drop ins and class packages at the studio with I.D. Sandy Hook teachers receive free classes
** Prices do not include CT sales tax
** Class packages are valid for one year from date of purchase
** No refunds

Yoga Dimensions Classes

  • Yoga Dimensions is not affiliated with any particular style of yoga. Each instructor brings their unique experience to the class. Please visit the instructors page to read about each teachers training. Enjoy a variety of classes suited to your level of yoga experience.
  • Advance Registration Required Classes are not refundable. No refunds on class packages.

Private Yoga Instruction

We offer private yoga instruction and classes to individuals or groups. Have a yoga party with friends or family; or arrange for a private class. You may wish to combine a private session with any of the other healing therapies we offer. Call to inquire.

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